Thomas Wade – Double Bass




ツアーにも幅広く参加している。常にファンを驚かせるのが大好きな、ハイエナジー・ジプシーソウル・ジャズバンド、アラベスクとの”Mr.Fi(ミスティファイ)”ツアー、大人気で超ご機嫌なブルーグラス楽団の”The Pigs(ピッグス)”との”It’s A Long Way From To Tamworth(タムワースから遠路はるばる)”ツアーなど。

自身が立ち上げメンバーである、エレクトリック・バルカンダブバンドの”The Midnight Tea Party(ミッドナイト・ティー・パーティー)”でシドニーのクラブ好きたちを踊り狂わせているかと思うと、超高速ルーマニア・ジプシーグラス楽団の”Devil On The Rooftop(デビル・オン・ザ・ルーフ)”とも共演する。The String Cartel(ストリング・カルテル), The Pia Andersen Trio(ピア・アンデルセントリオ), That Redhead(ザット・レッドヘッド) and Daniel Weltlinger(ダニエル・ウェルトリンガー)など、その他、共演多数。

彼の好奇心と創造力はとどまることを知らない。トーマスが加わってできたアラベスクのミニアルバム”Mr. Fi”をはじめ、今後のプレイに注目が集まる。




Exploring one style of music has never been enough. From classical to reggae, bluegrass to jazz, folk to electronica, Sydney bassist Thomas Wade has created a seemingly unique musical language.
Performing throughout Australia, America and Japan, Thomas has found himself in a vastly diverse and ever-changing musical landscape that has fed into the way that he approaches his instruments and the music he coaxes from them.
Having such an eclectic musical upbringing has made itself evident in the array of sonic textures found in Thomas’ music. Hitting, scraping, screeching mixed with tender, round warm double bass sounds to dizzying highs and bowel crushing low synth noises can be expected by audiences in many of Thomas’ shows.
Recently Thomas has been touring extensively with critically acclaimed and critically hilarious bluegrass outfit, The Pigs, as part of the ‘It’s A Long Way From To Tamworth’ tour; wowing fans with the high-energy gypsy-soul ‘Mr. Fi’ tour with Arabesk; keeping Sydney party people dancing hard with Balkan dub/electro band The Midnight Tea Party and performing zany and delightful music from “Negotiations with Reality’ with faster-than-fast Romanian gypsy-grass outfit, Devil On The Rooftop.
Other current projects include: The String Cartel, The Pia Andersen Trio, That Redhead and Daniel Weltlinger with plenty more exciting music planned through 2017 and beyond…


Veren Grigorov – Violin
Rob Shannon – Guitar / D’rrbuka
Calvin Welch – Drums
Thomas Wade – Double Bass