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オーストラリアが生んだ、異色のジプシージャズバンド 「アラベスク」

ジブシージャズというジャンルだけでは括れない、枠には到底収まらない彼らにしかできない音楽。彼らのライブパフォーマンスの素晴らしさと熱さを、今回の “Arabesk Japan Tour 2018” でぜひ生で味わってほしい。
2011年・2015年 高槻ジャズストリート、2016年 すみだジャズストリート、その他日本のみならず、オーストラリア国内外の音楽フェスティバルに数多く出演。

2011年 「Good Month, Bad Month」がAustralian Songwriters Association Awards(オーストラリア作曲家協会賞)最優秀賞を受賞。
2017年 「Waltz Ala Bra」が再び同賞最優秀賞に、「Big Bam Boo」が4位入賞。

ヴェレン・グリゴロフ ー Veren Grigorov – Violin

ロブ・シャノン ー Rob Shannon – Guitar / D’rrbuka

トーマス・ウェイド ー Thomas Wade – Double Bass

カルヴィン・ウェルチ ー Calvin Welch – Drums


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ARABESK – Conversations Across Borders and Ages!
Arabesk have been bringing their special brand of intoxicating global grooves to audiences around Australian since 2003. In 2011 Arabesk won best instrumental track at The ASA awards and that year were invited to perform at Takatsuki Jazz Festival in Osaka, Japan for the first time. In August 2016 they released their third album ‘Mr Fi’ and have spent the last two years touring and playing festivals in Australia and Japan including the 2015 Takatsuki Jazz Festival and 2016 Sumida Jazz Festival in Tokyo. Recent Australian festival highlights include Blue Mountains Music Festival and Wangaratta Jazz Festival in 2015, Hobart’s Clarence Jazz Festival, Palm Creek Folk Festival Townsville, and Manly Jazz Festival Sydney in 2016. In 2017 they once again took out first place at the Australian Songwriters Association Awards.

The music of Arabesk follows many paths at any one time. Like a river it is fed from many different tributaries to form the whole, drawing upon strong jazz influences… Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery,Eastern European Gypsy /
Classical music, upon a backdrop of African and Arabic influenced rhythms. At any moment it will swing hard, only to drop into a thick funk pumped bass line, all the while the violin floating above it. The drums hammer and thunder beats reminiscent of Motown, Blue Note and Afro Cuban jazz. With a wealth of musical experience it is little wonder Arabesk are such a powerhouse of invention and innovation.

Produced by:
studio ESSENCE http://essence.world
Akou Kiima / George Bourdaniotis